My husband and I have always dreamed of getting married in the mountains, in winter. It was a dream that seemed impossible since we live in Rome, and everyone told us that organizing and managing such a wedding would be very complicated.

After several meetings with some wedding planners, we decided to rely on Veronica. Well, she was not only able to organize and manage the wedding of our dreams but also to make it come to life.

From the first day, she has always been present and precise, keeping us constantly updated on the budget, negotiations with suppliers, and giving us ideas to make the wedding even more special.

The wedding day was perfect in every detail. My husband and I enjoyed the day without thinking about anything else because she managed every aspect without us even noticing.

In addition to her professional skills, we also felt very comfortable with her on a personal level. It’s nice to be able to have a laugh together and to appreciate the fun side of a moment that, in many ways, is so delicate.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!