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Something about me

This is a very difficult issue for me…describe how I am. I’m Veronica, born and raised in Monza, near Milan, in the northern Italy. When I asked to myself “What do you want to be when you grow up?“, the answer was: I want to be an event planner! And how can I do this? There are no schools or books that can teach you this job. I learned everything I know from direct experience and, today, It’s 10 years since I’ve started to work in the world of events and communication, also thanks to my inclinations: I’m organized, punctual and meticulous. But I’m especially curious, stubborn, sometimes cynic and pragmatic, I love details, originality, rock music, ice cream, photography and cats (not just white ones).
I take care for many years of the organization of corporate and institutional events, and now I work also on weddings and private events aswell. Now you’re probably wondering “Why weddings?” The decision to became a wedding planner was born thanks to the will to create events that reflect the bride and groom: customized, unusual, sparkling and non-traditional, with a focus on the budget. I like weddings that have a coordinated image, from the wedding suite to the reception, I like the well-finished details, the tables without tablecloths and naked-chairs, I love picnic weddings with wicker baskets and blankets, the outdoor ceremonies, receptions with brunch and snacks, and night parties full of lights!
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