I’m Veronica, the mind and the soul behind White Cat Wedding. I’ve been working in the event industry since 2007 and after some experiences in various agencies, in 2016 I gave birth to my brand and I started my journey as a wedding planner.

I’m very organized and precise and such peculiarities have certainly helped me to understand what my path was.

I’m curious, but also discreet and reserved, stubborn, ironic, very realistic and practical, but sometimes you can find me with my head lost in the clouds to design and imagine. The best ideas always came to me when I wasn’t looking for them!

I’m a squared Scorpio (Scorpio ascending Scorpio) and I must say that I reflect all the pros, and cons, known of this zodiac sign. I read the horoscope for pleasure, because I believe in astral conjunctions, only if helped by a huge dose of concreteness and commitment.

I’m not romantic, in the classic sense of the term, but I cry at all my weddings, and when I plan them, more than “making a dream come true” I like to say that I make the couple’s ideas real.

I love intimate weddings where the couple can really dedicate time and attention to all the guests, to their very important people. I have a small but large family and, in addition to my parents, it includes two sisters, a lovely husband, two cats (neither of them is white), and some precious friends.

I feel I’m constantly evolving and my life is driven by a persistent desire for change.

I’ve been a vegetarian for a few years now and I regret not having chosen this path a long time ago.

When I grow up I would like to live in an old renovated farmhouse with large windows, a nice garden, and many animals, and open a Dessert Restaurant where I will only serve delicious desserts and good wine.

Things I love (always updating):

our van Black Ant and travel with it
listen to music while I’m working
Amazon Prime for emergencies, Etsy, and our wonderful Made in Italy
Instax photography
the lemon meringue pie
winter and autumn are my fav seasons
a cozy and soft blanket
my purring cats
Netflix and documentaries of all kinds
Ice cream (oh, well, dessert generally)
hiking on the Dolomites
Indian food (oh, well, good food generally…again…)