Venue scouting

Looking for the perfect place!

Looking for the perfect venue for the wedding is always the first step of the planning, and often it is also the longest and most complicated one.

Evenings spent on Google, emails sent at impossible times, expected answers (…never arrived), and the frustration of not finding the location to fall in love with.

And what about the impossibilities of having site inspection in Italy when you live abroad?

So try my Venue Scouting service! I will search for the perfect place for your wedding, based on your needs and tastes. I will be your feet and your eyes!

How does the Venue Scouting service work?

The first step is a video call together in which we will talk about where you would like to get married (the area), your tastes, the style you have in mind for your wedding, the number of guests, and all the useful information for carrying out targeted and effective scouting.

What happens next? What’s up to me! I will start my research and I will submit a selection of 6/10 venues with related information, easily comparable, images, and videos (if available).

Then we will carry out a site inspection together (if possible) in your top 3 venues so that you can see them live, and understand immediately which one you love most!
Is it not possible to carry out a site inspection together? No problem, I will go to the venues for you, and you will be able to see all the spaces with virtual tours, videos, and photos.

I will also support you in the agreements with the venue you’ll choose.

But that’s not all …. the Venue Scouting service can be purchased alone or it can anticipate the Full Wedding Planning service. The cost of the Venue Scouting service will be deducted from the Full Wedding Planning one.

The Venue Scouting service is valid for all the Northern Italy and in particular for Lombardy, Veneto and Trentino Alto Adige.

For information on the cost of the Venue Scouting service contact me and I will send you everything by email!