Our wedding day was magical and went off without a hitch thanks to Veronica, a wonderful person that we are really glad to have met through this experience.
Imagine trying to plan a wedding in Lombardy, from abroad, just as that region becomes the first in Europe to go on lockdown because of the pandemic… Throughout all of this uncertainty, Veronica was kind, patient and thoughtful, going above and beyond to make sure that all our suppliers would always be updated about our plans and vice versa.
She guided us, taking into consideration our requirements and tastes, and made sure we had a plan A, B, C for every possible scenario, giving us the flexibility and reassurance we needed. In the weeks before the wedding, Veronica remained enthusiastic and upbeat regardless of the last-minute changes we had to make and she was always available for us.
She joined us the day before and the day of the wedding along with her team to make sure the event took place smoothly and we were grateful to not have to think about anything on the wedding day except enjoying ourselves.
Thank you Veronica for making this day so special for us!