I told you a few weeks ago on Instagram and, here I am, to give you some advice on how to choose the venue for your wedding.

This is also the last article of 2019, a really intense year in which I traveled and worked in some new and different venues. Italian villas, restaurants, lodges and unique places, each perfect for the couple who had chosen it. How can you understand that it’s the right venue for you? You can find here some tips on how to proceed with the research and the selection.

The research of the wedding venue

The first step is the research of the venue. Identify the style you would like for your wedding, think about where you would like to be and about what you don’t want to give up: a breathtaking view, a huge garden, a space for the ceremony, large indoor spaces, or, why not, sand underfoot or a crackling fireplace.

Unless you already have in mind your heart-place, visit more than one venue so you can compare the pros and cons of all the structures. For every venue try to imagine which spaces to use and how. It takes a lot of imagination, and the location managers will help you showing you some photos: go beyond the “we usually do this” and ask what can be done differently.

What does the rent include?

During the venues’ inspections, you’ll have to pay particular attention to what they write in the offer/contract.

These are some of the details that I always recommend looking at or asking for during the visit:

  • hours: until what time will the venue be available? Is there flexibility? Is it possible to have extra time? Have you to pay for it, and how much for an hour?
  • toilet: evaluate how many toilets there are and how they are (there is the changing table? Are they wheelchair accessible?), and ask if there will be a person to keep them clean during the wedding
  • parking and valet parking: is there private parking? Will there be a valet parking? Does it have an extra cost?
  • catering: if you are considering to rent a venue like a Volla, always ask if they work with one or more exclusive catering or if you are free to hire the vendor you prefer
  • equipment: some locations have some equipment such as seats, tables, lanterns, etc. Are these furnishings included in the rent cost? Do they have an extra cost?

lights design: the illumination of the venue is very important if your wedding will be in the evening and during the night. Ask the venue if there is a basic illumination present, and how it is. If you want to add some festive lights check where the power connections are.

It’s your wedding, not a Pinterest one

When you’ll start the wedding planning and online research, you’ll be literally bombarded with wedding images: Pinterest, Instagram, Google, and specialized websites. All these sites will recommend what you were looking for! It could be difficult not to get into confusion. One day you’ll want a countryside wedding, the day after you’ll fall in love with an industrial style one.

I have only one tip for you: think about who you are and what represents you. Are you a mountain lover and want to get married in a lodge? Do it! Do you think that it’s too complicated to move guests from the city? There are some beautiful restaurants with a mountain atmosphere that could be the perfect venue for your day.

Don’t let yourself be influenced too much and don’t stop at the first venue, have a lot of imagination and, if it seems too complicated, of course, contact me.

2020 is here and I’m sure that Christmas will bring some wedding proposals. Maybe the most popular locations will no longer be available but we will find the structure that’s right for you.