What happens behind the scenes on the wedding day? This post is part of a collection of Wedding Backstage in which I tell you some little anecdotes of that day and what I loved most.

I start the 2019 wedding season with the destination wedding in Italy of E + A at the Convento dell’Annunciata, near the Garda Lake. This wedding promised to be a big party with friends and relatives from all over Europe. The newlyweds live in Paris but they chose Italy and Convento dell’Annunciata as the venue for their big day. How can you blame him? This is one of the most beautiful wedding locations I have ever worked in!


It was already clear from the evening before the wedding that that day would have been a big party and that there was a beautiful atmosphere among friends. Newlyweds and guests found themselves in a cocktail bar near their hotel for an aperitif which then turned into a rippling night.
Rumors on the next day told me about a truly engaging night in which not even the bartender managed to resist the celebrations. But nobody knows how he got dented after a small fall during the night.

The second anecdote is very much from Mary Poppins. Do you want to know what entered my “tools” after that wedding? An instant super glue for leather and hide because it may happen that your best man unintentionally finds himself with a sole separated from the rest of the shoes (it was a very hot day, but not so much!)


This is always the hardest thing to choose but in this case, I loved two things above all: the dress of the bride by Lorafolk, Paris, with a breathtaking back, and the wonderful flower bouquet created by White Pepper Studio. You can find them both in the portfolio. They are beautiful alone, but perfect together, don’t you think?

And you, what do you like most about this wedding?