An Italian Dolomites wedding is a dream for many couples! Fairytale places that create a natural frame to take your breath away.

Today we look at the wedding of Laura and Pasquale who have chosen for their “I do!” a very important place for them: from Milan they have moved to the Dolomites (where I will return next year for another wedding!), on those mountains that are home for them.


I still remember when Laura contacted me. I remember it because it was late June, and they would get married in early September (yes, in the same year….).

There were still many aspects to be defined, such as the vendors to be identified, and the project to be developed.

It was a challenge, I admit it: I had to plan my first mountain wedding, in such a short time.

The first thought was to create the right team of vendors and to develop a very natural project, with particular attention to the functional and logistical aspects. Reaching a refuge can be easy on days when the weather is good, but what to do in case of a storm or bad weather? A series of “B plans” must be developed!

(L + P had a beautiful “variable” day. The ceremony took place outside, in a different place from all those imagined in the A / B / C plans – this also happens! We were lucky because the day after the wedding the weather was awful, it seemed November!)


Laura and Pasquale are two sports fans of snowboarding and downhill, a discipline that, I admit, I didn’t even know before meeting them.

Sports brought them together and, studying their wedding project, it was necessary a reference to their passions. So what to do? My proposal was to customize bicycle bells to give to each guest, as wedding favors to remember that day. This proposal was welcomed with enthusiasm by the couple (and I was super happy!) and by all the guests too. When Laura and Pasquale entered the refuge for dinner, the guests greeted them with a loud jingle!

Another detail that I loved? The wedding invitation made by IUMI with a custom envelope that looked like those vintage maps with the paths that are used in the mountains and that illustrated the places of the wedding.

I really love the mountains and I can’t wait to make other weddings on our beautiful Dolomites.

See Laura and Pasquale wedding photos in the portfolio