Focus on the joy

You just need to think about joy, laughs and love

I will take care of anything else.

If you are looking for a professional who can take care of the planning of your wedding, by your side, you are in the right place: I’m Veronica and I’m your wedding planner in Italy.

What do I do? I accompany you with discretion, professionalism, head and heart in one of the most important paths of your life, to plan your big day together.

These are some of the things I deal with: the venue research, the research and the coordination of the right vendors for your wedding, the management of your wedding budget, and, the most important, the creation of a style project for your wedding that is personalized, tailor made and, more importantly, that reflects you, and what you want.

Every wedding has to project what the couple want, their personality, and their style. Every wedding must be refined and designed in every detail. See some of my works in my Portfolio.

Are you looking for me? Then contact me and tell me about your wedding! I always like to meet the couple in person or with a video call after a first contact via email. I get the chance to explain you how I work, and we’ll get to know each other.

We will make a beautiful and personal journey together and it’s really important to be in tune immediately.


How much do my wedding planning services cost?

I don’t have pre-arranged packages or all-inclusive offers. The wedding planning service is always studied for you and your requests.

The most requested service is the full wedding planning which starts with the venue scouting, continues with the wedding planning and design, and ends with the coordination and the presence of the team on the wedding day. For the couples who have already chosen the venue, or some vendors, I can help them with a tailored service.

Do you want to organize the wedding by your own? You can ask only for the wedding coordination service that takes place from about a month before the wedding and ends with the presence of the team on the wedding day.


Why choose a wedding planning service?

The added value of having by your side a wedding planner, who has the complete view of the entire event and who knows how to translate your requests into reality, is to create something unique, custimized, coordinated, with confidence and calmly. The present of the wedding planner on the wedding day is also essential for you to enjoy every moment.

Do you want more information about my services and receive a quote?

Contact me, tell me about your wedding and what services are you interest in. I’ll tell you how I work, I will show you some weddings’ projects and, above all, we’ll know each other to understand if there is the right harmony and empathy between us .

The things I love:

♥ weddings with a coordinated style, from the invitation to the reception
♥ refined details
♥ intimate weddings
♥ outdoor ceremonies
♥ the moment of exchange of the promises
♥ informal receptions with dances and laughs
♥ night parties full of lights
♥ the speeches of the spouses’ friends

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