Wedding trends for 2021 is a title for a real wedding Guru, which I’m not!

This is a necessary premise of this dreamy post. These trends are not THE ABSOLUTE trends, I’m not talking about what the “wedding industry” says and wants, but I am going to tell you what are, in my opinion, the 5 essential ones.

These are the things I would like if I were to get married (again) next year!


Please, go beyond white, pink, and light blue. I’d like that 2021 weddings were an explosion of colors! Unusual combinations of contrasting but perfectly balanced colors or shades of the same color to create a sfumato effect.

Yellows, reds, purples, shades of green and blue, up to black. Don’t be frightened by solid colors, you can also play with the combination of pastel colors to create something unique.

It is not easy, you have to choose following not only your own taste but also taking into consideration the venue of your wedding and the final effect you want to give to it. A kitsch effect is around the corner, so I recommend you to ask your wedding planner, wedding designer, and also your flower designer.

Lights design: the light will be the protagonist of your evening

If your wedding will take in the evening, you cannot give up on lighting!

Candles, suspended chandeliers, abatjours, and cascades of lights. There are endless possibilities!

Think about the atmosphere you’d like to create and make a site inspection with a professional service to understand what to do in detail and, above all, how to do it.

The light will create emotions, atmosphere, and will be the frame of your evening also in all the photos and videos, don’t underestimate this aspect!

Create experiences for your guests

We all agree that the guests will be at your wedding for you and to celebrate with you. But if you want to make your wedding unforgettable, make sure that they can live experience within it and that they can participate with you. They will not be just spectators.

What do I mean? Create entertainment, not only for kids but also for adults. It doesn’t mean you have to force them into crazy games, but you can think of something special for them. Each couple knows their guests and knows what they might appreciate.

Some ideas: a WOW effect photo booth corner, an illustrator that makes live portraits, vintage games (like an old funfair!), a fortune teller (I love this one!!!!!), a flower bar, a corner to create personalized scented water, and I could go on. Think about your wedding mood, what fits best into that day, and what your guests might like. And don’t forget to estimate how many guests you’ll have, and what will actually be feasible!

For someone, the open bar will be the most awaited experience: do it with special cocktails, created for you, with a spectacular effect. This is for real spirits lovers.

(In my hypothetical 2021 wedding there would be the corner of real tattoos – in the real one we had only temporary tattoos…I regret not having dared!)

Break the rules and play with contrasts

If a traditional wedding does not represent you, get rid of it and break the rules.

Get out of the box, create something that is really the image of you and your love, of your relationship.

Choose the place that truly represents you, even if far away, the style that speaks of you, even if unusual, the people who make you feel good, even if few. I love intimate weddings, that are perfect for your destination wedding in Italy. Be yourselves!

And don’t be afraid to play with contrasts. Combine colors, styles, even unusual materials. You can really do everything: create customized textures and prints, and use objects and materials for the settings that are born with other functions. Get inspired by everything around you!


It’s the core of weddings, it’s the essence, and it will not be missing even in 2021 weddings. Indeed, I’m sure it will be even more present! That’s are YOU. You are at the real trend of your wedding.

Don’t try to create something that doesn’t represent you just because it has to be done, don’t feel forced, don’t be afraid to ask for something different or to dream and imagine something different. Be guided and transported on this journey by a professional to something that is truly yours.

I can’t wait to come with you! How? I’ll explain it to you here

So, that’s all from your trends GURU (irony and self-irony are two of my great talents).

And what do you imagine for your wedding? What can not miss? Write to me and tell me!